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Summer School?

People often ask me if we school through the summer. I have to laugh because when you home school  even if you don’t “school” through the summer, you usually really do. The other question I get asked from non-home school … Continue reading

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Candy Canes & Snow Flakes: 25 Days of Christmas

Please forgive me, I am in a bit of a tired, worn out funk as I write this. My feelings may change after I have had some good sleep and down time (HA!) So I am writing from my current … Continue reading

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A New Adventure: Teaching a Non-verbal Child to Read

August 1, 2013. Welcome to what is turning into, for a while, my chronicling/ranting of/on  a new adventure.  Teaching a non-verbal child to read. MY new adventure teaching MY non-verbal child to read.  (Insert big sigh here.) I know it … Continue reading

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Chicken Hatchery Day 2

So far so good. The temperature and humidity are holding fairly steady. They drop a bit when DD#2 turns the eggs, but then goes up before the eggs themselves have a chance to cool down. Our average temp has been … Continue reading

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A Quick History

Since I haven’t been blogging regularly and a few new people are following me now I figured I had better do a quick intro. /reintroduction. My hubby and I have been married 16 years this Feb. We have 6 children, … Continue reading

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Dissection: Not what I remember from highschool.

   Today we did our first dissection with the kids. We studied the human eye recently in our health class so I decided to get a cows eye for us to dissect.      Honestly I am glad my hubby likes … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Sucessfully?

Lesson plans made? Check Copies made? Check School supplies dug out from when we quit schooling last year or bought? check Wow, it’s that time of year AGAIN! I can’t believe this will be our 9th year homeschooling! I still … Continue reading

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