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Day 22

I was informed, as I crawled from bed, that I needed to come see the chicks first thing. I went in to find all four fluffy yellow chicks up and walking around. Miracle proved to be just that, a miracle. … Continue reading

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Day 21 con.

Day 21 con. The 3rd chick started to push the top of the shell off seriously around 5:30pm. This was not the one DD#2 had peeled off some of the shell for, but the other one that had started cracking … Continue reading

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Chick Hatchery Days 18-21

Day 18   And wait. We did have to have the extra bowl of water out. The humidity was getting way to high, into the 80’s. The chicks can actually drown if the humidity gets to high. So much for … Continue reading

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Chick Hatchery Days 16 & 17

Day 16 The house is a little cool today and one of the girls had closed the bedroom door, so the room temperature was a bit low. Because of that the incubator was struggling a bit to keep up. It … Continue reading

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Day 9 continued

Day 9 continued. Yesterday  turned out to be exciting days. First we found out that we have all been exposed to whooping cough and several of my children are showing early signs. The fun never ends. Antibiotics for all in … Continue reading

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