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Chicken Brooder Day 1 (also known as day 23)

No more eggs have hatched or cracked or even peeped. We candled them and found two had not grown at all. We think the other two had grown because the egg was dark, like the chick was blocking the light. … Continue reading

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Day 21 con.

Day 21 con. The 3rd chick started to push the top of the shell off seriously around 5:30pm. This was not the one DD#2 had peeled off some of the shell for, but the other one that had started cracking … Continue reading

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Day 9 continued

Day 9 continued. Yesterday ┬áturned out to be exciting days. First we found out that we have all been exposed to whooping cough and several of my children are showing early signs. The fun never ends. Antibiotics for all in … Continue reading

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Chicken Hatchery Days 6 & 7

Day 6 We received a few good questions on Day 5 so research has started to answer them. Some of the questions we will answer today are: What is the height of the eggs? What is the circumference of the … Continue reading

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Chicken Hatchery Day 2

So far so good. The temperature and humidity are holding fairly steady. They drop a bit when DD#2 turns the eggs, but then goes up before the eggs themselves have a chance to cool down. Our average temp has been … Continue reading

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