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Our Gift

Tomorrow is Apraxia Awareness Day. I don’t need to be made aware. We are very aware in our house. Apraxia is one of the many “gifts” Little Miss has been given. It keeps her from being able to form words … Continue reading

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ASL Alphabet coloring/handwriting pages

Here is a link to a very cool set of ASL alphabet coloring pages with handwriting worksheets. Great way to mix your signing practice with letter recognition & handwriting. Perfect for Little Miss this year. http://www.freehomeschooldeals.com/free-asl-printables-from-the-preschoolmom-com/

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Research, Plan, Research, Plan, Question Myself, Plan

I had a small meltdown a few weeks ago. I’m blaming it on lack of coffee, or more specifically the creamer that goes in the coffee. Now that that is  done I am ready to dive back in. This past few … Continue reading

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Teaching My Non-Verbal Child to Read: First Thing First

Today we had Little Miss’s non-verbal cognitive testing done. I figured before we start officially schooling her we needed to have a good grasp on her strengths and weaknesses. I was not sure what all we would learn but if … Continue reading

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