I am the wife of a church planting pastor who still works a “day job”. We have 6 beautiful children that I homeschool, one with ODD and one with 22q11 deletion syndrome, and we are hoping to adopt in the next year:)  Come join our roller coaster!


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  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    Hi there, I found your website from the comment you left on the OT blogpost I wrote. You are an awesome mom! I skimmed through many of your blogs and you have a lot on your plate! With only 2 kids I understand how busy life can be.

    From your description of the medical issues you are handling with your kids, I am wondering whether you have read Dr. Kenneth Bock’s book, “Healing the 4As: Autism, Allergies, AD(H)D, and Asthma”? His theory is that all these diseases are related and he treats them all similarly. I found it useful when figuring out how to help Clara.

    Clara also has a g-tube (since a baby) and due to digestive difficulties I took her off the commercial formulas due to the high sugar content and started blending whole foods for her – that also helped her immensely – I saw changes immediately in her behaviour.

    Lastly, Clara was also non-verbal till she was 6 and we stopped signing (she had probably 400 signs by then). We believed that she could speak and expected her to speak – first by making eye contact, then pointing, then by saying the word…and gradually she got it. SHe is still difficult to understand but does speak in sentences.

    All the best!


    • I have not read that book yet, but it is on my list of to read books. We are always looking at things to tweek. I have been playing with the idea of a blended diet. I need to start slowly, maybe one meal a day, and work my way up. I haven’t done much research with it yet. We need the fiber in the foods so I can’t strain foods and I’m not sure how the pump will handle it. Research, research, research, the story of my life:)
      I’m sure there are things that would help my son also. I need a reading vacation!
      That is awesome that your daughter was able to speak after all that time! DD#4’s non-verbal issues aren’t for lack of trying. She trys but the sounds that come out sound nothing like the words. Apraxia along with VPI, hypotonia, etc… have played into the being non-verbal. It is very common with 22q11 deletion syndrome. Eventually the neuro muscular connection usually kick in. We are praying:) As time goes by the likely hood is less and less. We are going to be evaluated for abscense seizures soon, which could play into things. Always something new to check into, but in the end God will decide. Either way she is a joy.
      Thanks for your feedback. I always love hearing what has worked for others. It helps me decide what is most important to change/try next.

  2. LOVE the title of your blog!

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