Mommy’s Quiet Time

One thing I said for years and I hear mamas say all the time still is “When or how do I get my quiet time with Jesus?” There is no easy answer. It may be different in every household but I do have some food for thought to go with that.

Does it have to be quiet?

Should it be alone?

Those are loaded questions and I understand there can be two sides to this coin. Maybe the answer is both, just at different times. Here is what I mean.

Years ago in a Growing Kids God’s Way class my hubby and I learned about couch time. Essentially it means that after Daddy gets home from work and greets everyone the kids are to go play on their own and Mommy and Daddy take 10 minutes or so to connect and catch up with each other.  The premise is that if the kids see Mommy and Daddy putting a priority on their marriage the kids will feel more secure. We tried it and it turned out that our child who’d spent almost 3 years sleeping in our bed suddenly was ok to sleep in her own bed. She was secure.

Now transfer that over to your relationship with God. Maybe our kids need to see us reading His Word, praying and worshipping everyday. Maybe that will make them feel more secure in the fact that we really do love the Lord. It isn’t something we just say we do, but it is something they witness us do.

Not to say that our kids don’t see us love the Lord but if I were to only tell my kids to read their Bibles and pray everyday but they never or rarely saw me do it they might not realize that I really do read and pray everyday.Kids learn by example.

I am thankful that God took care of this before I realized it. I was so frustrated at not ever getting my quiet time alone with him that with in the first few months of our firstborn’s life I decided to read out loud to her. My quiet time was with her listening to my voice read scripture and pray with her. The sound of my voice soothed her, sometimes. Other times I had to nurse her for her to be quiet. The result? At 3 or 4 years old she would ask me to read the Bible to her and her baby sister. At an older teen she doesn’t have to be reminded to read her Bible, she just does it. She has developed her own quiet time. Our other children are all on the same path, thank to God leading me to do this even before I knew why.

Train up a child in the way they should go…

Now that my kids aren’t babies I try to make sure I read once they are up and out of bed.  Yes, I get interrupted, but more often than not when they see my Bible they will yell, “Mama is reading her Bible! Be quiet!”


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I am the wife to my knight, homeschooling mom to 6 fun and crazy kids and List Maker Queen. We have some ADHD, ODD, 22Q and other alphabet soup stuff going on. Sometimes I'd like the ride to slow down but I definitely love it and never want to get off!
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