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ASL Alphabet coloring/handwriting pages

Here is a link to a very cool set of ASL alphabet coloring pages with handwriting worksheets. Great way to mix your signing practice with letter recognition & handwriting. Perfect for Little Miss this year. Advertisements

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Research, Plan, Research, Plan, Question Myself, Plan

I had a small meltdown a few weeks ago. I’m blaming it on lack of coffee, or more specifically the creamer that goes in the coffee. Now that that is  done I am ready to dive back in. This past few … Continue reading

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Teaching My Non-Verbal Child to Read: First Thing First

Today we had Little Miss’s non-verbal cognitive testing done. I figured before we start officially schooling her we needed to have a good grasp on her strengths and weaknesses. I was not sure what all we would learn but if … Continue reading

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A New Adventure: Teaching a Non-verbal Child to Read

August 1, 2013. Welcome to what is turning into, for a while, my chronicling/ranting of/on  a new adventure.  Teaching a non-verbal child to read. MY new adventure teaching MY non-verbal child to read.  (Insert big sigh here.) I know it … Continue reading

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